Die Investment Solutions Konferenz für Asset Owner,
professionelle Investoren, Vermögensverwalter und Asset Manager

am 28. Februar 2019 und 01. März 2019 im Sofitel Berlin Kurfürstendamm

FUND & ETF DAYS Europe 2019 in Berlin

XENIX® Investment Solutions Conference, Sofitel Berlin Kurfürstendamm.

The Berlin Asset- and WealthTech Conference.

Thank you very much for attending the FUND & ETF DAYS 2019 on 28 February and 1 March 2019 in Berlin. It was a pleasure to have you as our guests and partners in the Sofitel Berlin Kurfürstendamm.

The XENIX Investment Solutions Conference demonstrated that asset and wealth management are currently undergoing a fundamental change which is primarily technology driven. ETFs are offering year over years continuously new investment strategies.

VanEck presented their “Fallen Angels” ETF for investing into a special segment of the corporate bonds market which is based on a proprietary MV Index Solutions (MVIS) benchmark. Expat Capital presented ETF-investors their range of 11 single country ETFs for CEE-markets making it nowadays possibly to invest one a country by country basis e.g. into blue chip companies from Poland, Serbia and Romania. At the same time, more and more active fund managers are following a strict quantitative and multi-factor investment approach. Detlef Glow from Lipper / Refinitiv pointed out at the Berlin FUND & ETF DAYS 2019 that Smart Beta Strategies are nowadays an established segment in the European ETF space. XENIX, the conference facilitator and Berlin-based WealthTech considers rule-based dividend strategies as a core investment for each ETF model portfolio.

Trading is often a forgotten subject on investment conference, but with Jörg Sengfelder (FlowTraders) and Michael Görgens (Börse Stuttgart CATS) discussed and explained two veteran ETF traders how MiFID II increased the price competition and the price transparency of ETFs since 2018. The Request for Quote (RfQ) is nowadays the key technology of Multilateral Trading Platforms (MTF) where institutional trading of ETFs takes place in Europe.

Thomas Kettner, Managing Director at MV Index Solutions (MVIS) in Frankfurt, pointed out that index providers need to analyse and manage the data sourcing for crypto-currency indices as carefully as for equity indices. Digital asset experts from Amun, Bitbond and Winheller stated on a panel discussion that they are expecting that a SEC-decision in the USA could lead to a regulatory breakthrough for ETFs also within European markets. So far, European investors can only invest in Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs) on the Swiss Exchange, but these ETPs are only linked to the five biggest crypto-currencies. This Crypto-ETPs are considered as physically backed securities which are similar to Gold-ETFs.

In the newcomer section on Day Two of the FUND & ETF DAYS 2019 presented start-ups, mainly from the Berlin WealthTechs and FinTechs their innovative offerings. Radoslaw Albrecht from Bitbond presented the STO (security token offer) for his credit lending platform. Bitbond is the first German securitized token which has been already approved by the BaFIN. It’s not yet clear if the token will be linked to an ISIN-code, but Bitbond combines a bearer note and a token investment which is linked to the Stellar XLM blockchain. Dr Marie Louise Seelig from Acatus spoke at the FUND & ETF DAYS 2019. She is focused on securitising single bank loans on her credit platform. Market experts assume that securitisation without tranching could be a new Eldorado for asset managers. Unrated, but securitized high yield corporate bonds could play an important role as “new” investments. It could help to relieve the balance sheets of many banks in the European Capital Market Union. Jan Gottschalk from Exporo presented his Hamb urg based digital real estate crowd funding platform, while Jana Ebner from TME gave an insight into her practice as strategy consultant which routes banks can choose to become also digital.

Alexander Pusch from Yukka Lab demonstrated live his web solution at the FUND & ETF DAYS 2019 to identify the media sentiment towards equity markets which is sourced artificially and in real-time from news feeds. XENIX explained their unique ETF quality rating. It is based on a multi-level analysis of the index substructure and the ETF superstructure. Initially, the quality of the underlying index concept is tested, subsequently, the quality of the ETF according to its prospectus and the data transparency of ETF are measured and rated. Each ETF can achieve a maximum rating of 100 points which is based on many hundred quality criteria. XENIX already applies its proprietary ETF quality rating to evaluate robo-advisors and ETF model portfolios.

Karin Rydén Thomas, CEO of XENIX, declares that the next FUND & ETF DAYS will again focus on the interplay of active and rule-based portfolio management, financial indices, ETFs and especially exchange-trading, emerging asset classes like crypto currencies, securitised tokens and securitised loans with the fast-forward moving ecosystem of digital wealth management. “The next FUND & ETF DAYS will be also at the forefront of the interplay between the booming ETF market and the emerging WealthTech ecosystem with API-banking and robo-advise”, says Karin Rydén Thomas.

XENIX would like to thanks all attendees of the FUND & ETF DAYS Europe 2019 in Berlin. We would like to thank especially our business partners MV Index Solutions (MVIS), VanEck, Expat Capital, Fondsfrauen, GLT Foundation, Aspiro Management und Capital Factsheet, and our moderator Mr Wieland Thyssen for their kind co-operation and partnership.

We would also like to thank our speakers and panellists: Michael Schubert, Daniel Poiger, Michael Görgens, Jörg Sengfelder, Aureliano Gentilini, Manuela Fröhlich, Rosanna Grimaldi, Thomas Kettner, Viola Lutz, Detlef Glow, Nikolay Vassiley, Jaime Oliveira, Jana Ebner, Radoslav Albrecht, Andreas Pusch, Dr. Marie Louise Seelig, Jan Gottschalk, Thomas Meyer zu Drewer, Mark Rodino, Sebastian Förste and Markus Rempfer. And my colleagues Sarah and Emma. Thank you all! Karin.


WealthTech, Model Portfolios, ETF Ratings

Berlin - Stockholm




Thomas Kettner, MV Index Solutions
Karin Rydén Thomas, XENIX
Nikolay Vassiley, ExpatCapital
Michael Geister, VanEck
Dominik Poiger, VanEck
Rosanna Grimalid, GLT Foundation
Jan Gottschalk, EXPORO
Aureliano Gentilini,
Michael Görgens, Börse Stuttgart
Viola Lutz, ISS-climate
Jörg Sengfelder, Flow Traders
Jana Ebner, TME
Jaime Oliveira, LarrainVial
Manuela Fröhlich, LRI & Fondsfrauen
Detlef Glow, Lipper
Sarah Melton, XENIX
Markus Rempfer, Capital Factsheet
Thomas Meyer zu Drewer, ComStage
Andreas Pusch, YUKKA Lab
Dr. Marie Louise Seelig, Acatus
Michael Schubert,
Wieland Thyssen, Moderator
Dr. Robert Velten, Velten AM
Radoslav Albrecht, Bitbond
Mark Rodino, AMUN
Sebastian Förste, WINHELLER


Die FUND & ETF DAYS Europe 2019 finden im Sofitel Berlin Kurfürstendamm statt.

Das Hotel liegt im Herzen Berlins vis-a-vis des Bahnhofs Zoologischer Garten, neben Gedächtniskirche, KaDeWe und dem Kurfürstendamm.

Sofitel Berlin Kurfürstendamm
Augsburger Strasse 41
10789 Berlin


FUND & ETF DAYS Europe 2019 Interview

01. Dezember 2018

Interview mit Karin Rydén Thomas zu den FUND & ETF DAYS Europe 2019.




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