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The Investment Solutions & Investment Innovations Conference

October 2021 in Berlin


Die Konferenz für Investment Solutions & Investment Innovations

Geplant für Ende Oktober 2021 als Live-Konferenz in Berlin

Die zweitätige XENIX Konferenz zu Fonds und ETFs würde 2021 bereits zum fünften Mal stattfinden.

Die einzigartige Kombination auf Asset Management- und FinTech-Themen macht diese WealthTech- Veranstaltung zu einem fachlichen Highlight für Neo-Banker, digitale Vermögensverwalter und institutionelle Investoren.

Kontakt und mehr Infos zum aktuellen Stand der Planungen für den Oktober 2021 erhalten Sie unter .


XENIX® FUND & ETF DAYS 2019 in Berlin

Rückblick auf die Investment Solutions Konferenz für Asset Owner, professionelle Investoren, Vermögensverwalter und Asset Manager im Februar 2019.

Thank you very much for attending the XENIX FUND & ETF DAYS 2019 on 28 February and 1 March 2019 in Berlin. It was a pleasure to have you as our guests and partners in the Sofitel Berlin Kurfürstendamm.

The XENIX Investment Solutions Conference demonstrated that asset and wealth management are currently undergoing a fundamental change which is primarily technology driven. ETFs are offering year over years continuously new investment strategies.

In the newcomer section on Day Two of the XENIX FUND & ETF DAYS 2019 presented start-ups, mainly from the Berlin WealthTechs and FinTechs their innovative offerings.

Wieland Thyssen, Managing Director & Spokesperson for XENIX, declares that the next XENIX FUND & ETF DAYS in 2021 will again focus on the interplay of active and rule-based portfolio management, financial indices, ETFs and especially exchange-trading, emerging asset classes like crypto currencies, securitised tokens and loans with the fast-forward moving ecosystem of digital wealth management. “The next FUND & ETF DAYS will be also at the forefront of the interplay between the booming ETF market and the emerging WealthTech ecosystem with API-banking and robo-advise”, says Mr. Thyssen.

XENIX would like to thank all attendees of the FUND & ETF DAYS Europe 2019 in Berlin. We would like to thank especially our business partners MV Index Solutions (MVIS), VanEck, Expat Capital, Fondsfrauen, GLT Foundation, Qumundo for their kind co-operation and partnership.

We would also like to thank our speakers and panelists: Michael Schubert, Daniel Poiger, Michael Görgens, Jörg Sengfelder, Aureliano Gentilini, Manuela Fröhlich, Rosanna Grimaldi, Thomas Kettner, Viola Lutz, Detlef Glow, Nikolay Vassiley, Jaime Oliveira, Jana Ebner, Radoslav Albrecht, Andreas Pusch, Dr. Marie Louise Seelig, Jan Gottschalk, Thomas Meyer zu Drewer, Mark Rodino, Sebastian Förste and Markus Rempfer.




Rückblick auf die Konferenz für institutionelle Investoren und die europäische ETF-Industrie

am 23. und 24. Februar 2017 im Waldorf Astoria, Berlin.


About XENIX®

XENIX was founded in 2009 by Dr. Markus Thomas in Berlin.

As an independent ETF expert, XENIX focuses on these business areas:

1. ETF ratings

2. ETF strategy portfolios

3. Client reporting for ETF portfolios

4. ETF events

5. Customized services

Wieland Thyssen is managing director and spokesperson of XENIX since September 2019.

ETF ratings

As an ETF specialist, XENIX is maintaining a unique index and ETF database since March 2009.

On this basis, XENIX has developed an original ETF rating.

The rating currently consists of over 260 criteria.

This wide range of criteria makes is possible to assess systematically the quality of each ETF.

The XENIX ETF rating system has three levels:

1. Index assessment

2. Assessment of the index fund / ETFs including the tracking difference

3. Assessment of the exchange trading and the liquidity of each ETF

ETFs are rated systematically

The performance difference (tracking difference) between index and ETF performance is included in the rating (maximum for 10 calendar years).

The rating is based on an evaluation of the prospectus of each single ETF, its life cycle and its history.

Newly launched and soon to be listed ETFs may receive on request a preliminary "Launch ETF Rating" from XENIX.

The ETF rating is updated on a quarterly basis. The monitoring of the European ETF market happens on a weekly basis.

Currently, XENIX has systematically evaluated around 1,500 ETFs listed on XETRA (as of January 2020).

XENIX plans to expand the EFT ratings in 2020 to all ETFs available in Germany and in all other European ETF markets.

The XENIX ETF rating can be extended by client-specific criteria or filters at the request of investors, asset owners and asset managers.


The XENIX ETF ratings offer investors a competent orientation to navigate the European ETF market.

The growth pace of new ETF launches is still enormous. More than 500 new ETFs have been launched during the last three years.

XENIX assesses and rates each ETF based on its systematic approach. As a result, investors receive a quality rating of each ETF.

The differences in the product quality are symbolized by using stars.

The best-rated ETFs can receive a five-star-rating.

The number of XENIX STARS attributed to an ETF is an indication of its quality.

We offer our clients also to use the XENIX BOX.

The XENIX BOX visualizes the nine core areas of each rating and shows the quality of an ETF in relation to its exposure group:

Index Information & Data

ETF information & data

ETF portfolio transparency
(exposure, risk & return)

ETF analytics & risk indicators

ETF performance
& replication quality

ETF reporting quality

ETF cost

ETF listings & exchange trading

ETF services & resources

The XENIX® ETF Ratings provides orientation

The XENIX ETF rating makes quality comparisons easy.

Investors receive valuable information about the quality of individual ETFs, their strengths and weaknesses.

XENIX STARS and the analytical look through of the XENIX BOX are empowering investors to quickly find quality ETFs, including the latest newcomers.

Asset managers can use the XENIX ratings for selecting excellent ETFs and for optimizing the quality of their client’s portfolios.

Intermediaries and direct banks can present their clients easily top-quality ETFs from the whole ETF universe.

Digital Asset Managers and Robo Advisors can now for the first time configure model portfolios which will consist purely of excellent quality ETFs.

The XENIX ETF rating looks beyond the well-known ETF figures as e.g. AuM, costs and performance.
XENIX assesses and rates the full picture of each single ETF.


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